Corinne Ballard

About Corinne

Corinne Ballard is from Longreach, QLD. She began singing and entertaining from a young age mostly singing covers for functions and festivals.
Around 4 years ago Corinne decided to pursue her dream to write her own music and release her first album.
Released in March, More Than A Broken Home features 14 amazing tracks based on Corinne’s journey in life. The songs are personal and sung straight from the heart.
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Follow Your Dreams

Marty Smith

‘I never dreamed releasing an album would actually be possible. But with the right people who believe in you, anything is possible. I am still rusty on guitar and yet to find the confidence to bring it on stage with me but it is my trusted friend when I’m inspired to write.

Im probably a late bloomer, releasing a debut album in my 40th year. But it’s taken me this long to realise I have a story worth sharing.’

Corinne Ballard

More Than A Broken Home

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